What foods are high in prebiotics?

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 If you want to add prebiotics to help supplement your body with probiotics. What prebiotics can we choose to consume? Let’s go check the list.

1. Garlic

 Garlic also contains important antioxidants. Also contains prebiotics that stimulate the growth of the probiotic bifidobacterium in the intestines and also helps prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria as well.

2. Onions

 Move over to the onions. This plant is rich in many benefits. both prebiotics that we need Contains inulin which is a soluble fiber. Friendly to good bacteria and microorganisms. Especially the probiotics Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. UFABET 

         In addition, onions also contain the flavonoid substance quercetin. That can help prevent cancer. It also has properties that help in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. So if you find onions in any dish, eat lots of them.

3. Asparagus

          Asparagus is also rich in inulin. And is considered a good source of prebiotics as well. Importantly, asparagus is also high in fiber. Contains antioxidants that help fight inflammation in the body. It is classified as a vegetable that has cancer prevention benefits. and easy to eat Can make many menus.

4. Cabbage

           Cabbage is another vegetable that contains prebiotics. It also has many benefits. Whether it helps relieve constipation Reduce cholesterol, nourish skin, reduce blood pressure. Moreover, cabbage is inexpensive. Easy to buy There are many delicious menus. It’s delicious when stir-fried with fish sauce. Or shredded and added to vegetable salad is good.