How to choose to eat dark chocolate to be healthy?

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         For people who are dark chocolate lovers We would like to recommend a simple principle for eating chocolate for good health. That is, look at the cocoa content. If it can be dark chocolate, even better. Because most dark chocolate is made from real cocoa, has a bitter taste and has very little sugar and fat.

         Even if you choose to eat chocolate You should also eat the right amount, that is, about 198 grams per week. Or about 28 grams per day. Another thing that you have to be careful about is the amount of cocoa. In the chocolate that we choose, there should be at least 70 percent of real cocoa mixed in. Also, the color of the chocolate should be dark black. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for health. The chocolate is brown. Mostly it’s milk chocolate UFABET

Stuffed Chocolate Tasty tricks that you should be careful of

         If anyone likes to eat chocolate a lot, you know that chocolate is delicious in many forms. Such as white chocolate. Milk chocolate mixed with various flavors, chocolate covered nuts Chocolate mixed with nougat Caramel coated chocolate or even chocolate covered jelly. These chocolates are something we should avoid. Because in these chocolates there are no health benefits at all besides being delicious!