Former defender not surprise Liverpool star moves Saudi Arabia

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Former defender not surprise if Liverpool star moves to Saudi Arabia after season ends.

  • Tony Cascarino sees Mohamed Salah having a chance to move to Saudi Arabia.
  • This player was a key man for Liverpool in the Jurgen Klopp era.
  • The player has only one year left on his contract at Anfield.

Tony Cascarino, former striker for Aston Villa and Chelsea, two giant clubs in the English Premier League, has expressed his opinion that Don’t be surprised if Mohamed Salah, Egyptian superstar winger of Liverpool, decides to move to play in the Pro League. Saudi Arabia in the summer

Cascarino said: “He is a phenomenal player. His scoring record is extraordinary. And his attitude as a player is great, so of course the fans love him. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves this year.”

“He had a new contract with Liverpool for two years and now ยูฟ่าเบท He only has one year left. I can imagine that He will stay in Saudi Arabia as a superstar. There is every possibility of this happening.”

  Last summer, Liverpool rejected a huge offer of £150 million from a Saudi side. To ask to buy Salah to join the team and recently there was heavy fanfare that Teams from the Middle East plan to return to hunt for the 31-year-old star again after the season ends.

For Salah, he is considered one of the most successful players in the current Liverpool team. Playing more than 300 games, scoring more than 200 goals and winning almost every championship.