Real Madrid (6) 1-0 (2) Liverpool: After the UEFA Champions League game

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Real Madrid (6) 1-0 (2) Liverpool: After the UEFA Champions League game, the Reds lost again in the round of 16.

Miracles don’t really exist

Admittedly, many people would have expect and assumed that Liverpool would not get further than the Round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League this season, and it did, although some Reds fans would. Secretly hoping for a miracle like you could do with AC Milan or Barcelona, ​​but not for today. They don’t seem to be able to accelerate, but it’s evident that they’re trying not to give up. The picture of the game, although it is inferior, but can fight properly Until Benzema’s secretly lucky goal extinguishes their dreams to finally accept reality.

middle is clearly secondary

In this game, Jurgen Klopp decided to send attackers onto the field at the same time as 11 real ones, up to 4 people, including Mo Salah, Koki Kakpo, Darwin Nunez and Diogo Jota, to increase their chances. offensive game But that means they have to reduce one player in midfield to just Fabinho and James Milner, although today the vice-captain will try to chase the ball with all his strength alone, 2 against 3 compared to the middle. Competitors are already difficult to hold in the middle of the field, plus 3 people who are world-class, including Luka Modric, Eduardo Camavinga, Toni Kroos, and Fede Bal. Bede stepped down and stood low to help chase another ball. That’s why both Fabinho and Milner, no matter how top form they are, are not poor. And make the game of Madrid look smoother than according to the rules

Vinicius carries an aggressive game

In this game, the hope of the White King, another outstanding performance, is inevitable, Vinicius Jr., a 22-year-old Brazilian winger who still plays Trent Alexander. Arnold as hard as ever. It seems that Carlo Ancelotti himself will mainly order the ball to the left. Where this bloody Samba star is stationed. Of course, the highlight is the ultimate speed combine with excellent ball possession techniques. It’s good that today Ibrahima Konate keeps cleaning after wiping, otherwise it would be more turbulent. But even so, he still managed to get 1 assist from kick-off, even when Benzema shot at close range to be the winning goal in the end. Of course, with this type of performance. It would not be strange. That he would be compared to the top 3 stars of the new era with Kylian Mbappe Erling Haaland at present.

Let’s talk again next year (if coming)

Real Madrid’s victory in this game gives them a great record in this list, being able to reach the last 8 teams to 11 of the last 13 years. Liverpool, if count only in the era of Klopp will eliminated in the round of 16 for the second time since losing to Atletico Madrid in 2020. “No, it’s okay. Let’s talk about it next year.” But eh… next year, will the Reds really come? Because with the results in the league that are still erratic, plus the hope for the top 4 area seems to be especially fierce, maybe the word “Let’s talk about next year” may not be true with Liverpool next season