Manchester City to win the first UEFA Champions League trophy?

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Manchester City to win the first UEFA Champions League trophy?

Manchester City the famous English Premier League club under the leadership of Pep Guardiola. Move one step closer to chasing the UEFA Champions League trophy this season. After leading “The Blues” to beat RB Leipzig from Germany 7-0 in the round of 16, the second leg when Last March 15

Back in the first leg game, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Leipzig before returning to shoot at the Etihad Stadium 7 goals in a row. Which made the partisans. “The Blues” advanced to the final 8 teams with a total score of 8-2

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, AC Milan and Benfica are the four clubs that have already qualified, with Manchester City joining Inter Milan close behind. As for Napoli , the chances are very high, and Real Madrid are likely to be another team that advances to the first leg, beating Liverpool 5-2 at Anfield.

Former Chelsea striker Chris Sutton commented that “European football this season is very strange, if you guess who is the favorite to win the Champions League, we’re not all talking about Napoli right now, but I think Manchester City are in the best point”

“The opportunity for Manchester City is the most open it has ever been. And no really outstanding team this year, which if it was in previous seasons that it might be different.”

New York Times football guru Ben Smith said: “For me, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Bayern are the three big favourites, they know they are the dominant three.

“If I had to choose, Man City would be the favorite. Because teams like Barcelona are not in this tournament, Liverpool are unlikely to go through and Arsenal , who are in good form in the Premier League, are also not in this competition.

“It’s nothing to worry about for Man City

I think this is a really good opportunity. of them in correcting what has gone wrong over the past 6 years.”

City have won nine major trophies since Guardiola took over in 2016, but they have never won the Champions League. Even once, which caused the 52-year-old coach to be questioned whether he could make “The Blue Sailboat” a European ruler or not. 

Guardiola once said in an interview. “That doesn’t mean I agree with it. But of course I will be judged on that. (Won the European Cup) before my first game in UEFA. Champions League with Man City, people say I came here to win trophies. I can only say what. I haven’t even started thinking about it yet. But I can accept it over time. and I won’t change it.”

City’s closest moment came in 2021.

When they reached the final against Chelsea, but unfortunately lost 1-0, after which Guardiola was unable to take the lead. partisan “The Blue Sailboat” can enter the final black game again.

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne said: “We haven’t won the title yet. But we did very well in Champions League I know that people are obsessed with winning. But I feel like there are a lot of situations in games like this.

“There were some games where we deserved to go through but didn’t. These are the game moments where these things happen. Of course I want to win. But I know that as long as we don’t succeed, I’ll come here and be asked the same question again. People judge you on that. We just try to win as much as we can. And to be the best team we can.”

No one knows how this season will end, but for Man City, it’s another year where they have a good chance of winning the European Cup on the club’s showcase.