Kevin De Bruyne says it will stop competing and wants to be smart about using its body.

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Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City playmaker admits that. He is fed up with not being able to use his body to compete on the field of play because he is getting older every day. Therefore, from now on, play will be managed as necessary. Both the number of football games per week or the limit of how many minutes per match.

Kevin De Bruyne will miss four months to recover his hamstrings. Until returning to play in the FA Cup third round as a reserve. ทางเข้า UFABET Defeating Huddersfield 5-0 with a good body, just lacking match fitness. 

However, the 33-year-old has learned a lesson about not being as fresh as before. Therefore, he will consult with the team manager, Josep Guardiola. About the framework for using it as important as possible in order to last the entire season. 

Opening his mouth with ‘Indy Sporty’:

“Going back to the 2023 pre-season practice in Japan or before the Community Shield and the opening game of the new season against Burnley, everything was still good.”

“I myself have encountered the problem of sore muscles behind my knees 3 times in a row. But none of them were as severe as the last time. And I am left with many scars as a reminder of which and which injury.” 

“I don’t expect to play as many games as possible again.” 

“The next match against Newcastle is a big game. So I hope to go back to having an alternate name.” 

“If you ask me, I want to compete in every match. But if I think about it carefully, I need to take care of my body as well.” 

‘ KDB ‘ has only played 3 matches this season and has made two assists. Considered that the number one captain’s armband is rarely worn. It must be paid homage to Kyle Walker in the dressing room.