Jurgen Klopp admits Madrid deserved to be ahead of Liverpool

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Jurgen Klopp admits Madrid deserved to be ahead of Liverpool.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp sighs admit that The team that should go to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League is Real Madrid.

Liverpool slipped away at a heavy disadvantage since the first game at Anfield. When losing with a score of 2-5, causing the White King to win three or more goals at Santiago Bernabeu

However, it appears Aside from picking up anything. That cannot returned. Still being repeated 1-0 by Karim Benzema’s only goal at the end of the game

After the game, Klopp said: “Going 5-2 down is not a good result if you want to go through. You need extraordinary performances and we couldn’t do that tonight. Real Madrid had a better chance. Alisson made two great saves. The right team will qualify. we have to accept This is not what we want, but what we get.”

“You need momentum in a game like this. If we score a goal in the first half It could spark us. But this is just a hypothesis. They are the better team in the 3 halves of this round. And that’s how you qualify.”

“If we draw at home and play like we did tonight. We might eliminate as well. We can’t come here and hope we get something. We prepare to come and play well tonight. But it doesn’t happen The right team advances. And that’s always the case in the knockout round.

Liverpool must fight to finish in the top four of the Premier League. will return to play in the UEFA Champions League again next season Otherwise, there will be a gap of the big cup for at least 1 year.