Chelsea sends scouts to follow Sweden’s new striker

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Chelsea sends scouts to follow Sweden’s new striker

Chelsea are following the form of Victor Ljokeres, the new striker of the Swedish national team. For the opportunity to grab him to Stamford Bridge next season.

Chelsea may have found the answer they’ve been looking for with Victor Ljokeres,

The new striker of the Swedish national team. When a team of scouts was sent to watch the form on the sidelines, the game in which Sweden lost 2-5 to Portugal was a friendly match for the national team. During the past week Including many more matches

Yokeres has previously play on the English football stage under Brighton, Swansea City and Coventry City in the past. and is considered to have informed the last case beautifully By scoring 40 goals for Coventry over the two seasons 2021/22 and 2022/23

The 25-year-old striker’s excellent form has led Sporting Lisbon, Portugal’s top team, to invest 20+4 million euros to buy him for use this season Along with specifying the option to buy the contract at 100 million euros.

Llojeres also performed hotly for Sporting, scoring 36 goals in 39 matches until the Swedish national team had to call him up to the flag. and was the starter in the most recent match against Portugal.

That Chelsea has sent scouts to follow Llojeres’ form both in this latest game, including many matches played by Sporting Lisbon, in order to evaluate. Is this striker good enough to spend money on in the open market next summer?

In a recent interview, Llojeres revealed. That his current focus is on success with Sporting. But he would not rule out the possibility of being approached by a top club in the future. “It’s still just a rumour, but it’s good and fun to talk about. We’ll see in the summer. I still don’t know what will happen.”

With 36 goals, Llojeres is one of Europe’s hottest strikers. This season as well While serving the Swedish national team, so far he has played 20 matches and has just scored 6 goals.