Know Hi-Lo online Is it good?

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Know Hi-Lo online Is it good?

online casino Don’t waste your time looking for Hi-Lo or Hilo games at all because internationally, they call this game SicBo. Which we call Hi-Lo because it is used to transliterate high-low bets as we like to play. But SicBo means a gambling game. that uses dice to decide results Therefore, if you come across the word SicBo anywhere, understand that that is the Hi-Lo that we are familiar with.

For playing Sic Bo online , there will be a variety of playing methods that are as complex as other gambling. The more complicated the betting pattern The payout rate will also be high. So does the risk. If it’s a simple bet like Over-Under, this one has a chance of winning up to half-and-half. But in exchange for a low payout rate as well.

  • Low level This one is suitable for beginners who do not focus on profits.
  • Intermediate level, suitable for those who have some experience
  • High level, suitable for people with thick capital enterprising

Bet high-low, the way to play is not difficult. We just place bets in the Small position if you want to bet low. Or place bets on the Big side if you want to bet high And because of playing in this format, it has a 50:50 chance of losing and winning, similar to Baccarat, so we can use the Baccarat money formula to be the 1324 or Martingale money formula to help manage money as well. It will give us the opportunity to make more profit than usual.

At this point, you can already decide whether we will play Hi-Lo online with a good level of risk. But regardless of the level of risk, do not forget that in the long run we will lose to Online casino anyway, so if playing and having a profit, it is advisable to hurry and stop carrying money back first. Come to play next time, it’s not too late. Most importantly, using the money walking formula together will help you get more profit.