Via Alessandro Manzoni 35 Scandicci FI, 50018
Via di Selva Candida, 300 Roma, 00166
Via Guido Rossa, 34 Fiano Romano, 00065
Via Guido Rossa, 34 Fiano Romano, 00065
Scandicci FI, 50018

We are part of Amitap:

Association of Maintenance Managers of Drinking Water Treatment Plants.

To be able to provide a professional and up-to-date service on the most efficient and innovative solutions with our in-house technical staff who have over 15 years of experience in the sector.

We use it for the most difficult situations, such as sometimes the wells or the food industry needs of the collaboration of important institutes of analysis:
Alpha Ecology, Eco Roman Chemistry


Vladimir Cadinu

Customer service

Customer service:

Customer service:


Consultant Manager: Massimo

Consultant: Renzo

Consultant: Silvia


EasyBlu in contrast to other companies in the sector and most of the service companies has not decentralized its service to third parties with contracts and subcontracts, but the assistance is directly managed by the company with technicians who make you company staff as internal stable employees. Our technicians use company tools and work tools and selected and certified spare parts.

We are part of Amitap (Association for the maintenance of drinking water treatment plants) to keep up-to-date from a professional and regulatory technical point of view.

Technician: Gianluca

Technician: Alessandro S.

After sales service

We have an internal after-sales service to maintain the satisfaction of our customers that leads to the renewal of our services

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Alpha Ecologia Is A Company With Quality Management System Certified In Compliance With The UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard, Certificate CSQA N. 5308 For ``Design And Supply Of Sampling Services And Chemical, Physical And Microbiological Testing. Planning and provision of training services ``.

Alpha Ecology Features Accredited Mobile Labs ACCREDIA which Accredited Tests are found at the end of the Tests List and are indicated by the word `` CATEGORY: II``.

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Association of Maintenance Managers of Drinking Water Treatment Plants

A.M.I.T.A.P is the Association of Water Treatment Plants Maintenance Managers.

It is made up of Italian companies, of any legal form, that perform the activity of installation of plants for drinking water treatment.


Our plants follow the regulations of the Ministry of Health in the field of water purifiers and are produced by an Italian company.

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